This is an article about the future. But first, let us remember the past.

As I have been entrusted with new ministerial responsibilities, I find myself reflecting on the challenges and opportunities encountered so far and what lies ahead.

We have the character of an island nation: resilient, ambitious and determined to succeed. Our nation’s history is a testament to the strength derived from unity and the pursuit of shared goals.

The withdrawal of British troops, and the Royal Navy, 45 years ago marked a turning point, symbolising our commitment to self-determination. The creation of the Republic of Malta 50 years ago, and our independence from Britain 60 years ago, cemented our identity as a sovereign nation.

On May 1 this year, Malta celebrates the 20th anniversary of EU membership.

These milestones must not be mere chapters in our history books but guiding lights for the path ahead.

In the face of global adversities, from the pandemic crisis to international conflicts, Malta has distinguished itself for demonstrating strong resilience and adaptability. While approaching the second anniversary as prime minister, Robert Abela has played a crucial role in steering the ship through rough waters. Economic setbacks, whether caused by the pandemic or the military conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, have been countered with strategic measures to ensure growth and stability.

As we celebrate our collective achievements, it is essential to recognise the duty that lies ahead – a duty to continue building a prosperous and resilient Malta with social values for future generations.

The implementation of our electoral manifesto, a thousand proposals for progress and development, is a paramount task. After being entrusted the role to oversee the implementation of the electoral programme, in close liaison with the Office of the Prime Minister, I understand the responsibility to ensure that what was promised two years ago is kept and implemented in a timely and effective manner.

The electoral programme includes a comprehensive set of 1,000 initiatives aimed at addressing the diverse needs of our nation. Moreover, the implementation of the electoral programme extends beyond specific portfolios; it is a collaborative effort involving all ministries.

“We have the character of an island nation: resilient, ambitious and determined to succeed”

Our commitment to economic stability requires a holistic approach, addressing challenges on multiple fronts. Initiatives related to job creation, innovation, education and social welfare are all integral components of our agenda.

Significant achievements have already been made with the implementation of several initiatives aimed towards the well-being of our society.

Notable initiatives include a €1,000 per year grant for a decade for first-time property buyers since January 2022.

Additionally, from the beginning of 2024, retirement pensions surged by €15 weekly (€780 annually).

Under Scheme 9, around 2,000 underprivileged children benefit from comprehensive assistance, receiving free uniforms, stationery, photocopies and extracurricular activities. The children’s allowance saw a €90 increase per child last year and is set to increase to a total of €450 throughout this legislative period.

These initiatives highlight  the government’s commitment to improving the lives of people through tangible, impactful policies.

These initiatives together with many others demonstrate that a significant segment of our task has already been completed. However, our work is far from over. We are under no illusion about the scale of the challenges facing us. But we are committed to ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of a better Malta.

Our commitment is unwavering. We shall succeed, together.

As we celebrate the milestones that define our history, let us also embrace the responsibility of shaping our future.

The progress we have achieved is testament to our collective resilience and determination. Our circumstances changed over the years but our commitment never faltered and remains unwavering.

As the promoters of Malta’s prosperity, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to completing the electoral programme and delivering on the promises made to our citizens.

Together, we can build a Malta that not only honours its past but also stands as a beacon of progress and prosperity.

There is so much still to do. But now it is clear how we can do it. Everything we do must have one main purpose: increased prosperity for generations to come.